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Monkey Bar Tarps

Custom Graphic Camouflage Canopies and Tarps

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Custom Graphic Camouflage Canopies and Tarps

WHOA.. Camouflage Graphic tarps are the coolest! Replace your Swing Sets old shredded Tarp for a NEW, Heavy Duty 13oz Vinyl Camo Canopy!  Perfect for new play sets or as a replacement tarp. Swing Set Paradise offers a a array of Graphic Tarps. Graphic tarps will add to the coolness of any outdoor play set or Sandbox! Yes not just for Swing Sets, you can cover your Sandbox with one of these as well. Graphic Tarps are custom printed to fit YOUR requested tarp size. 

Getting Your Perfect Camouflage Graphic Tarp:

Simply measure your old tarp and input the dimensions above here. Your Length & Width should be rounded to the nearest 1/2 inch(i.e. 8'6" round to 8.5'). But keep in mind where your previous tarp attached on the playset. If your new Custom Canopy is a little bigger or smaller than the previous that is fine as long as when it is installed it is taunt. The most important aspect when installing any New Canopy(No matter what Material or Brand) is that when it is attached, it is as tight/taunt as possible. This prevents wind from getting under and causing tearing.

Each Custom Graphic Canopy/Tarp is made of 13oz Heavy Duty Vinyl and comes with hemmed edges. Attachment is made via the grommets in all 4 corners and every 2-3 feet on the sides that attach to the playset for easy installation. Tons of Designs to choose! To Calculate Sq. Ft. Look Below. or call us today for help: tel: 877-336-5537 email: SwingSetParadise@gmail.com

Custom Graphic Camouflage Canopies & Tarps Features:

  • Tons of Awesome Graphics to Choose From!
  • 13oz Heavy Duty Vinyl.
  • Use Pan Head Screws with Washers for Attachment through Grommets.
  • Grommets are positioned on all 4 corners and 2-3 feet apart.

    *To Calculate Square Footage - measure the Length & Width of your old canopy in Inches. Then use this Formula- Length(inches) x Width(inches) divided by 144.

    *Example: 120 inches X 36 inches = 4320 inches /(divided by)144 =  30 Sq. Ft.

    - So Choose the 25-35 range under the Sq. Ft. Dropdown since 30 Sq. Ft. falls between.

    -Your Length & Width measurements will still be needed.

    *Pictured Below: Grommets*

    Swing Set Paradise offers Custom Vinyl Tarps & Canopies. Pictured Here are Grommets.