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Gorilla Playsets


Gorilla Playsets Empire Extreme Swing Set


    Gorilla Playsets Empire Extreme Swing Set

    Empire Extreme is now Gorilla's BIGGEST swingset and offers every single feature possible! This is truly a amazing set. Based off the Treasure Trove which is a 2 tier style main fort, Empire Extreme goes a step further with 3 tiers. Meaning 3 different deck heights. With 3 different areas kids can climb into with different features in each(telescope, chalk board, racing wheel, tic-tac-toe, & more!). Each tier offers different attachments kids WILL LOVE. Ladder or rock wall to climb into the front section, middle fort offers Monkey Bars(slats can be added/removed to accommodate childs age). Once in the back 7ft. high deck there is a Turbo Tube Slide(Turbo Tube Slide made for 7' deck & has more room the typical 5' tube slide) and a 14ft. Commercial Grade Scoop Slide. Under neath the fort is a sandbox area with 2 corner seats to play as well as a built in half picnic table.

    Main fort boasts 3 wood roofs, middle one is a Malibu style roof(long panels). Also comes with 4 dormers(2 Malibu Style & 2 Traditional Style) and a chimney. Front upper fort is completely enclosed and has 2 windows! This enclosure gives kids a tree house/playhouse feel and is great for imaginations. Person favorite is the 2 solar lights on front posts. Solar Lights with a motion sensor that, when senses kids playing light up brighter and then dim down when not that really shows a silhouette of this beautiful swingset.

    Now back on the main fort your kids will LOVE running across the chatter bridge. The Chatter Bridge on the Gorilla Empire Extreme Swing Set has two guard rails and safety netting to keep kids safe. The chatter bridge leads to a small tower with wood roof. Once over the bridge a telescope and Alpine Wave Slide awaits!

     Off the right side of the main fort is a thick 4 x 6 Swing Beam that includes 2 belt swings and a trapeze bar. Swings metal chains are dipped in yellow rubberized plastic to keep hands from being pinched.

    Gorilla Empire Extreme Swing Set is built with Premium Cedar Wood. Floor boards and other boards are 3-4x thicker than other brands(Backyard Discovery, Cedar Summit, Swing N' Slide) Best of all is the 10 year warranty! Swing Set Paradise ships for FREE and will beat competitors price on Gorilla Empire Extreme Swing Set.

  • Gorilla Playsets Empire Extreme Swing Set Specs:

    • Total Assembled Dimensions: 27'W x 23'D x 13'H 
    • Main Fort Front Deck Specs: 6'W x 4'D x 5'H 
    • Main Fort Rear Deck: 6'W x 2.5'D x 7'H 
    • Small Tower: 2.5'W x 2.5'D x 4'H
    • Playset Total Weight: 1600 LBS.
    • Please note Assembled Dimensions are just that and  manufacturers recommend 6' of safety space around Swing Set.

    Gorilla Playsets Empire Extreme Playset Features:

    • Made of Premium Cedar with a beautiful Amber Finish
    • 3 Tier Fort (3 different deck heights)
    • Alpine Wave Slide
    • Turbo Tube 7' Tube Slide
    • 14' Commercial Grade Super Scoop Slide
    • Clatter Bridge & Tower
    • Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
    • Safe Entry Ladder
    • 2 Belt Swing
    • Trapeze Swing
    • Built-In Picnic Table
    • Sandbox
    • Bonus Sandbox under Tower
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
    • Steering Wheel
    • Telescope
    • 2 Solar Wall Lights w/motion sensors
    • Enclosed upper fort w/Windows
    • Tongue & Groove Wood Roof 
    • Beautiful Gable w/Decorative Sunbursts & Chimney
    • 2 Large Malibu Dormers & 2 Different style Dormers
    • Tongue & Groove Wood Roof covering Tower
    • 4x6 3-Position Swing Beam
    • Patented One-Piece A-Frame Bracket