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Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Roof Swing Set

  • Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Roof Swing Set

    Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Roof Swing Set (01-0005-AP) uses a Tongue & Groove Style Roof with 2 dormers and a chimney to provide shade in the upper play deck. Packed with all the same Gorilla Playset features, the Mountaineer Wood Roof Swing Set main feature is the Extreme Tube Slide II. Mountaineer Wood Roof comes in a Amber color and like all Gorilla Playsets it's built using premium Cedar Wood. Using solid 4x4 posts Mountaineer Wood Roof has a 5 ft. Fort Deck that is 4 ft. deep and 6 ft. wide. A solid 4x6 Swing Beam with 3 Swing Positions that includes 2 Belt Swings and Trapeze Bar. Gorilla Mountaineer Wood Roof is available in multiple roof options and Add-ons. All Gorilla Playset models come with a 10 year Warranty!

  • Gorilla Mountaineer Wood Roof Swing Set Dimensions(01-003-AP):

    • Assembled Dimensions: 20'W x 11'H x 14'6"D
    • 5' High Deck Platform: 4'D x 6'W
    • Please note Assembled Dimensions are just that and  manufacturers recommend 6' of safety space around Swing Set.

    Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Wood Roof Swing Set Features:

    • Tongue & Groove Style Cedar Wood Roof w/2 Dormers & Chimney
    • Extreme Tube Slide II
    • Alpine Wave Slide
    • Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
    • Rope Ladder
    • Ladder w/Safe Entry
    • 2 Belt Swings
    • 1 Trapeze Swing
    • Built-In Picnic Table
    • Sandbox
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
    • Steering Wheel
    • Play Telescope
    • Set of Flags
    • Safety Handles
    • 4x4 Solid Wood Framing
    • 4x6 3-Position Swing Beam
    • Made with Premium Cedar with a beautiful Amber Finish