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Gorilla Playsets


Gorilla Playsets Navigator Malibu Wood Roof Swing Set

  • Gorilla Playsets Navigator Malibu Wood Roof Swing Set

    Gorilla Playsets Navigator Malibu Wood Roof Swing Set (01-0074-AP) is awesome! Gorilla Navigator Malibu Wood Roof Swing Set is packed with features! Navigator Playset includes all of Gorilla Playsets standard features like: a Tic-Tac-Toe Panel, Alpine Wave Slide, a Rock Wall, Picnic Table, Wood Ladder, Deluxe Rope Ladder, Sandbox, Telescope and more! Gorilla Playsets Navigators stand out feature is Monkey Bars which come off the rear of the Swing Set. Monkey Bars are made using solid Cedar 4x4's with Heavy Duty Green Metal Rungs. Monkey Bar rungs are held in place with self-tapping screws to keep them from moving when kids climb across. Also depending of your Child's age you can take off or keep on the slats on the fort to allow or block entry into the Navigator Swing Set from the Monkey Bars. Built using premium Cedar Wood finished in a light Amber color. Using solid 4x4 posts Chateau Deluxe has a 5 ft. Fort Deck that is 4 ft. deep and 6 ft. wide. A solid 4x6 Swing Beam with 3 Swing Positions. Includes 2 Belt Swings and a Trapeze Bar. Like most Gorilla Playset models, Chateau is available in multiple roof options and Add-ons. All Gorilla Playset models come with a 10 year Warranty!

    Gorilla Playsets Malibu Roof's:

    Gorilla Playsets Malibu Roof Style is a popular choice every year. The roof peaks are on the left & right sides of the fort. This makes for long Tongue & Groove Roof Panels. Two large decorative Dormers adorn the front Roof facing forward and a Chimney off the back off the roof. A large Gable on the front with each open side enclosed and solar lights placed on each post. These solar lights stay dimly lit at night producing a beautiful silhouette at night BUT also contain motion sensors. So when the kids decide to Swing on the Malibu it brightens up! Malibu Style Roofs are a personal favorite at Swing Set Paradise.

  • Gorilla Playsets Navigator Malibu Wood Roof Swing Set Dimensions:

    • Assembled Dimensions: 19'W x 12'H x 18'D
    • 5' High Deck Platform: 4'D x 6'W
    • Please note Assembled Dimensions are just that and  manufacturers recommend 6' of safety space around Swing Set.

    Gorilla Playsets Navigator Malibu Wood Roof Swing Set Features:

    • Malibu Style Roof - Long Tongue & Groove Roof Panels Running Left to Right, w/2 Large Decorative Dormers & Chimney
    • Monkey Bars - Made w/Cedar Wood 4x4's Heavy Duty Rungs
    • Alpine Wave Slide
    • Rock Wall with Climbing Rope
    • Rope Ladder
    • Ladder w/Safe Entry
    • 2 Belt Swings
    • 1 Trapeze Swing
    • Built-In Picnic Table
    • Sandbox
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
    • Steering Wheel
    • Play Telescope
    • Set of Flags
    • Safety Handles
    • 4x4 Solid Wood Framing
    • 4x6 3-Position Swing Beam
    • Made with Premium Cedar with a beautiful Amber Finish