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Gorilla Playsets


Gorilla Playsets Sun Climber I Swing Set

Sunbrella Canopy Color
Canvas Forest Green
Brannon Redwood

  • Gorilla Playsets Sun Climber I Swing Set

    Gorilla Sun Climber I is a A-Frame Style Fort which has benefits of improved stability. One leg is a half n' half style Ladder. Meaning half of the ladder is wood steps and other half is Heavy Duty Green Metal Rungs. The other leg is a super wide Rock Wall with Climbing Rope. Also A-Frame style forts allow enough space to include a 360 Degree Turbo Tire Swing on a Swivel! Gorilla Sun Climber I also includes several accessories like the tic-tac-toe panel, steering wheel and telescope. There are 2 sets of Metal Safety Handles so the smaller children can use the set as well.

    Gorilla Playsets Sun Climber I Swing Set has a 5' High Play Deck. All Gorilla Playset models include a massive 4x6 Swing Beam. Swing Beam has 3 spots for swings held with with heavy duty iron swing hangers and includes 2 Belt Swings and Trapeze Swing. 

    Sun Climber Series & Sunbrella Canopy Tops

    Gorilla Playsets Sun Climber I Swing Set is just like the Sun Valley I only difference is Sun Climber models come with authentic Sunbrella Canopies.

    Gorilla Sun Climber I and all Sun Climber models use Authentic Sunbrella Fabrics as a canopy top. Sunbrella is a popular choice in outdoor fabrics bearing high quality attributes: UV Resistant, Water Resistant, Mildew Resistant, Fade & Stain Resistant, in turn making it highly durable. Unlike vinyl which dry rots over time Sunbrella is breathable preventing condensation.

    Offered in 2 Colors/Patterns. First Brannon Redwood has stripes in varying widths using cinnamon, brick red, ivory, and taupe resulting in a lovely neutral palette. Second Canvas Forest Green a solid but rich hunter green shade which matches the trees around you.

    Gorilla Sun Climber is Gorilla Strong

    Gorilla Playsets Sun Climber I Swing Set is built from same Natural Cedar Wood all Gorilla Playsets are made from finished in a Redwood Color. Wood on all Gorilla Playsets is backed by a 10 Year Warranty. Let the fun begin, order yours today!


  • Gorilla Playsets Sun Climber I Swing Set Specs:

    • Total Assembled Dimensions: 21'W x 12'D x 11'H 
    • A-Frame Deck Specs: 4'W x 6'D x 5'H  
    • Playset Total Weight: 653 LBS.
    • Total # of Boxes: 6 (Boxes are labeled 1 out of 6... & so on.)
    • Please note Assembled Dimensions are just that and  manufacturers recommend 6' of safety space around Swing Set.
    • Gorilla Playsets Weight Limits: 
      • Play Deck: 800lbs. Combined
      • Per Belt Swing: 200lbs.
      • Trapeze Swing: 125lbs.

    Gorilla Playsets Sun Climber I Swing Set Features:

    • Alpine Wave Slide
    • Rock Wall w/Climbing Rope
    • Safe Entry Ladder & Metal Rung Ladder Combo
    • Deluxe Rope Ladder
    • Belt Swings - 2
    • Trapeze Swing
    • 360° Turbo Tire Swing w/Swivel
    • Steering Wheel; Play Telescope
    • Tic-Tac-Toe Panel
    • Oversized Authentic Sunbrella Canopy Covering Platform
    • 4x4 Natural Cedar Wood Framing
    • 4x6 3-Position Swing Beam
    • Metal Access Handles
    • Flag Kit
    • Available in Cedar with a Beautiful Redwood Finish