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Gorilla Playsets Nantucket Deluxe Swing Set

  • Gorilla Nantucket Deluxe Swing Set

    NEW for 2020 is Gorilla's Nantucket Deluxe Swing Set a beautiful Swing Set loaded with detail and fun! Nantucket Deluxe Swing Set is made from high grade Cedar Wood finished in a rich Redwood color. Nantucket Deluxe's main fort is constructed using solid cedar 4x4's for main posts, 2x4's for floor support and floor boards that are 2x-3x thicker other brands. The Deluxe model includes an additional play deck with a Tube Slide! Rust resistant 5/16 and 3/8 lags, bolts, and screws hold it together. Gorilla Playsets Nantucket has a 4' High Deck measuring  4' Wide x 4' Deep. Off the _ side of Nantucket is a massive 4x6 3-Position Swing Beam with Gorilla Playsets patented A-Frame Bracket which attaches the two 4x4 Swing Beam Legs. 

    Gorilla Nantucket Deluxe is the definition of fun!

    Nantucket Deluxe Swing Set has endless detail to boot! Not many Swing Sets can add to the look of your backyard like this model can. Nantucket Deluxe's fort includes 2 Green Windows which actually open and close. Underneath are 2 Corner Seats for Sandbox area. Includes 2 Belt Swings and 1 Trapeze Bar.

    All Gorilla Models include a 10 Year Warranty on its Cedar Wood.