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Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove II Wood Roof Swing Set

  • Gorilla Playsets Treasure Trove II Wood Roof Swing Set

    Gorilla Treasure Trove II Swing Set has it all and more when it comes to kids using their imagination. A rope ladder and rock wall leads up to a main 5 ft. high deck(4'D x 6'W) loaded with activities for the kids to enjoy. From there kids will climb into the rear 7' play deck! Treasure Trove's 7' play deck(2.5'D x 6'W) will give any child a amazing view! All Gorilla Treasure Trove models rear 7' deck is equip with a Turbo Tube Slide. It's hard to pick the best feature on this model but feedback from our customers points to Chatter Bridge. Chatter Bridge leads to a front Tower. Tower's a 5' high deck(2.5'D x 2.5D) with a Alpine Wave Slide leading off. This amazing backyard swingset has everything a kid would ask for. Let the fun begin, and order today!

    Difference Between Treasure Trove I & II models:

    Treasure Trove II has just 1 added feature compared to the Treasure Trove I models. An addition of a 12' Commercial Scoop Slide attached on the left side 7 ft. deck. This thing is seriously fun(I have personally tried it after a install of one).